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How Many Teasers Must There Be?

2024 Toyota Tacoma Teaser

At what point does teasing get annoying? Possibly after the fifth time, and now all anyone wants is information about availability, specs, and pricing. Meanwhile, Toyota continues to dangle bait for the 2024 Tacoma right in our faces like we’re fish, only to get a nibble of the worm before they pull on the line, causing us to give chase until another teaser comes along.

The most recent 2024 Toyota Tacoma teaser showcases the profile of the new truck but in a few different colors, with one particular showing significant deviations from the others.

The Latest New 2024 Toyota Tacoma Teaser Details

For the most part, we can see the short overhand at the front, with the fascia being strictly vertically oriented. We can also make out the shape of the LED daytime running lights, but with this side view, it’s probably not an accurate depiction. The profile with a desert sand color for the background is noticeably different from the others, with a roof rack on the, well, the roof; along with bed mounts that could potentially support a tire or rear lighting. It’s safe to assume that the trim depicted here is the new TrailHunter option.

2024 Toyota Tacoma Teaser
Tacoma Teaser #49

The new 2024 Toyota Tacoma will be underpinned by Toyota’s TNGA-F architecture, which is shared with the truck’s larger brother, the Tundra. So we’ll likely see a few inches added to the wheelbase and the vehicle’s overall length. In addition, the truck’s rear axle will retain its leaf spring setup instead of the more modern coil-spring configuration. As for engines, it’s believed that the 2024 Tacoma will switch to a four-cylinder lineup. The base unit will reportedly be borrowed from the Highlander, where it has 265 horsepower. The optional unit will likely be a turbocharged 2.4-liter four-cylinder equipped with an electric motor that could produce up to 366 ponies. A manual gearbox will also be making its way to the midsize truck.

Luckily, the constant teasing from Toyota is coming to an end as the automaker has confirmed that the next-gen Taco will finally make its full and official debut on May 19, which is just two weeks from now.

2024 Toyota Tacoma Teaser
Tacoma Teaser #50

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