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Muniz Is Already An Experienced Race Car Driver

Frankie Muniz On Track Ford Mustang Dark Horse NASCAR ARCA Series
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If the name Frankie Muniz doesn’t ring a bell, Malcolm In The Middle might. It’s been a long time since a new episode of the hit show aired, and Muniz has since outgrown his role. Turns out, he spends most of his time around cars these days, and even goes racing. In fact, he’s currently a full-time driver in the Rette Jones Racing No. 30 NASCAR ARCA Series Ford Mustang. And as such, Ford Performance recently hosted Muniz in Michigan to personally sample the new 2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse.

The 3-minute video shows Muniz behind the wheel of an S650 Mustang Dark Horse with an automatic transmission, taking it around the corners of a track and putting the pedal to the metal. His reaction says quite a bit about the Dark Horse and how enjoyable it is to drive, but even more is the sound the car makes, which is bound to get plenty of people excited for the latest iteration of the iconic Ford muscle car.

2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse: Details

When the driver of the Ford Mustang Dark Horse wants speed, it’s ready for them, as the 4th generation of the 5.0L Coyote V8 has been extensively revised to be more powerful and efficient than ever before. With a class-leading 500 horsepower, the 2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse manages to outpace the Mustang GT, which has a commendable 480 horsepower. The difference is due to some engine parts on the Dark Horse that have been handed down from the 760-horsepower S550 Shelby GT500 Mustang. As a result, the Dark Horse is the most potent non-Shelby Mustang ever and will participate in many forms of racing, from GT3 class in WEV to NHRA drag racing

The Ford Mustang Dark Horse is, without a doubt, an exhilarating machine; with the combination of exterior and interior design, it takes the muscle car into a new era to reach a younger audience. But with the performance behind the wheel and sound, it’ll be hard for anyone who owns one not to take it to the racetrack as often as possible. Just look at Frankie Muniz’s joy while driving one; that excitement is contagious.

2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse

Written by Zac Quinn

Zac's love for cars started at a young age, after seeing the popular Eleanor from Gone In 60 Seconds. From there, fascination and enthusiasm blossomed and to this day the Ford Mustang remains a favorite. His first job started out detailing cars, but also provided the opportunity to work on restoration including an 1968 Ford Mustang, Pontiac Firebird, and a C3 Corvette, though he left that job before further work and experience could be had. From there, he was a detailer at a car dealership before quitting that job to try and finish college.

Much of his free time while studying was spent watching YouTube videos regarding new cars, or off-roading. 4WD247 is a personal favorite channel which rekindled a dying flame in car enthusiasm, now tailored towards trucks and SUVs and the fun that can be had building up an overlanding rig, and going on adventures, though, that chapter remains unwritten for the time being.

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