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Tons Of Utility And Luxury Make Up The R1T’s Interior

Rivian R1T Electric Vehicle Truck Trucks EV Pickup
Image Via Rivian

Rivian is one of the most intriguing newcomers in the automotive industry. Not only have secured insane amounts of financial backing from the likes of Amazon and Ford, but their Rivian R1T and R1S electric vehicles look rather promising. The new electric pickup truck and SUV are slated to make their way to customers for the first time next month, and yet there are still some things we don’t know a ton about. The interior appointments of the Rivian EVs have been somewhat of a mystery thus far, but that is no longer the case. Rivian has shared some specifics about what we can all expect to find inside the interior one of their R1T pickups, and it’s a promising list indeed.

Rivian R1T Interior R1S Flashiligh
Image via Rivian

Rivian R1T Interior: A Flashlight, 4G LTE, And Storage Bins

The Rivian R1T has been marketed as an electric adventure vehicle for years now. The truck is slated to arrive with a ton of off-road capability, and will even be bolstered by an EV charging network focused around national landmarks and off-road trails. In order to make this sort of adventuring more enjoyable, Rivian has continued the theme of rugged utility in the R1T’s interior. The electric pickup truck is jam-packed with unique storage solutions, including a 14×11-inch storage area under the infotainment stack, as well as 33-inch wide bins beneath the rear seats. The front seats also contain small sliders perfect for holding sunglasses, while a detachable 1000-lumen flashlight sits inside the driver’s door. It’s no Rolls Royce umbrella, but the concept is the same. Customers can additionally spec a 130-piece field kit to stuff into the passenger door, which is likely handy during a trip to the wild.

Should you head out for an outdoor adventure, the that automaker has made sure R1T can accommodate all of your devices. There are six USB-C chargers throughout the electric pickup, and the center console can wirelessly charge two phones at once. The standard 12V and 110V outlets will also ensure you can keep larger items juiced up during the trip. The kids won’t be much of a bother either, as the truck comes as standard with 4G LTE capabilities. Speaking of kids, Rivian says that all three of the R1T’s rear seats were designed to accommodate a child seat, complete with ISOFIX anchors.

Rivian R1T R1S Interior
Image via Rivian

High Tech And Luxury Items

In terms of luxury items, the Rivian R1T doesn’t skip out either. Features include a 16-inch infotainment screen, an 18-speaker Meridian Elevation sound system specifically designed for the truck, a glass panoramic roof, and memory settings for the climate control and seating positions. Should you option the Adventure Package, you will also have the luxury of using heated and ventilated seats with 8-way adjustable lumbar supports. The package also brings a fun removable bluetooth speaker, complete with lantern functions and charging capabilities. That will go perfectly with the Yakima bed tent set-up, if you ask us. Oh, and did we mention the truck has 8 cup holders? Rivian is American, after all.

The Rivian R1T is almost here, and the excitement around the truck only continues to grow. Whether or not Rivian is able to dominate the electric truck market, we think the company does have a real shot at sticking around. When you have the backing of two of the country’s most powerful companies, it’s hard to imagine you’ll be left out to dry. That said, we’re sure the electric truck and SUVS will speak for themselves.

The Rivian R1T electric pickup truck interior.
Image Via Rivian.

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