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Based On A Four-Door Big Bend Model, Surprisingly

A Roush Performance Ford Bronco prototype could hint at the intentions of Roush Overland
Image Via Bronco6G.

Back in February, MC&T was the first to report that Roush Performance is planning to enter the off-roading and overlanding segment. Known as Roush Overland, the USPTO filing for the new project notes that the company will focus on “Recreational Vehicles And Accessories, Namely, Camping Trailers, Towable Trailers, Travel Trailers, And Trailer Hitches For Vehicles.” And while this description appears to focus more on the trailer business than the aftermarket performance side of things, MC&T came to a different conclusion. We believe that this new Roush Overland sub-brand could serve as an AEV-like partner for Ford, helping to upfit their off-road oriented products. This of course means a Roush-modified Ford Bronco is something we should expect to see in the near future. Well thanks to some folks over at the Bronco6G forum, we now have a look at a potential Roush Bronco test vehicle.

Roush Bronco: A Possible Prototype?

The images uploaded to the Bronco6G forum were initially posted to Reddit, though no context was included in that post. The images show a four-door Ford Bronco Big Bend, complete with some Roush Performance decals on its flanks. While the Big Bend models aren’t exactly the sort of truck you’d expect an off-road project to be based on, there could be some reasons for this choice. Most notably, Roush Performance themselves has said that they plan to offer an exhaust system, a new airbox, and some wheel options for customers in fall 2021. Neither of the engine upgrades would need to be installed on the off-road focused models to complete real world testing, so it’s possible the aftermarket company got their hands on whatever Ford Bronco prototype the automaker had available. It is also likely that the Roush Bronco packages could span several of the SUV’s trim levels.

Roush Overland Bronco Ranger F-150 Super Duty
Image Via USPTO.

Some of the forum users aren’t sold on the idea that this is a Roush Bronco at all. Some have even gone as far as to say that the whole image is Photoshopped. That said, one user did point out that this particular SUV has been spotted before, with images posted up to Facebook featuring the same graphics package.

The low quality of the images likely doesn’t help, but we’re apt to believe there is something going on here. We already know that Roush has their own versions of the Ford F-150 and F-150 Raptor models, making the Bronco a logical next step. As basic as this particular package may look, a more involved build is surely taking place behind the scenes as well.

What would you like to see from a Roush Overland designed Bronco? Let us know down below!

A Roush Performance Ford Bronco prototype could hint at the intentions of Roush Overland
Image Via Bronco6G.

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