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This Date Excludes the Bronco Raptor

2022 Ford Bronco North American SUV Of The Year
Image copyright Manoli Katakis, Muscle Cars & Trucks.

The Ford Bronco remains a hot item that thousands of people want to get their hands-on, and we certainly don’t blame them. Who doesn’t want a spiffy-looking SUV that can take you and your loved ones on spectacular adventures? However, it seems that as demand continues to be strong for the Bronco, Ford has expressed a desire to prioritize current order holders. As a result, Ford has announced in a communication to dealers that 2022 model year order banks will pause after March 7th.

2022 Ford Bronco Order Bank Pause: Details

These actions are similar to what we have seen with the Ford Maverick, as the company wishes to give itself plenty of time to catch up on current orders before the MY23 order banks open later this year. There aren’t any guarantees that customers that still hold reservations can get on the list for a 2022 model, but if you’d like to try, then you need to convert to an order before March 7th. If you don’t have a reservation but plan to purchase a 2022 Ford Bronco, you need to make sure you place your order with your dealer. Alternatively, a small number of stock units might be available for purchase.

If you currently have an order placed but are on the fence about any aspects of it, Ford is encouraging customers to update their orders before the March 7th cutoff. According to The Bronco Nation – an official source of Bronco information – the exception to the March 7th date is the new MY22.5 product additions. Those fall into the Job 2 order banks, which are scheduled to open on March 9th. As a result, customers that intend on changing their order to an Everglades, Raptor, or Wildtrak with a new HOSS 3.0 suspension will need to wait until that date to make the change.

While this may be a bummer for many, customers are always welcome to wait for the 2023 Ford Bronco, which is expected to offer additional features such as a painted roof, as pointed out in the dealer communication shared on the Bronco6G forum; the unofficial (read: leaks!) source of Bronco information. The 2023 Ford Bronco is also expected to debut a Heritage Edition model, as teased by Ford in the form of a design concept and the one-off built for the Pope Francis Center, pictured below. For the Bronco, it seems that there’s always something to wait for.

2021 2022 Ford Bronco Pope Francis Center First Edition
Image via Ford Motor Company

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