A New Report Claims That Dodge Will Build Two Challengers Simultaneously

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The current Dodge Challenger has lived on the same platform since it was unveiled 12 years ago, but has nevertheless gotten better with age. New suspension designs and a list of new powertrain options, such as the 6.2L supercharged Hellcat V8, followed by the legendary SRT Demon and the 797 hp Hellcat Redeye have continued to satiate the power hungry appetites of the muscle car market.

Despite its age, the Dodge Challenger has become a great seller for FCA in its later years, though fans are still waiting for an all-new version of their favorite Mopar. Last year it was announced that the next-generation Challenger originally expected to launch in 2021 was being pushed back, further extending the wait for buyers. According to a recent report, that new car might be coming rather soon with an interesting twist.

According to the sources of MoparInsiders, the current-generation Dodge Challenger isn’t going away yet, and is likely here to stay well into the 2023 model year. Back in October, an easter egg on the odometer of an official Dodge Challenger stock photo, reading 2,023 miles, hinting that the current-generation performance sedan will also bow out that same year. Considering the Dodge Charger and Challenger share an architecture, it’s likely the two will transition onto the next generation at roughly the same time.

Mopar 19 Dodge Challenger

But, wait, there’s more. MoparInsiders also reports that their sources say FCA is considering running production of the next-generation Dodge Challenger alongside the current car for a couple of months at the minimum at the Brampton Assembly Plant in Brampton, Ontario.

If this information is accurate, Mopar fans should expect the next-generation Dodge Challenger to launch for the 2023 model year as predicted in October. While that is a noteworthy discovery in itself, the decision to continue production of the current car alongside the next car is particularly interesting. FCA is no stranger to continuing older models after a new generation launches, as they continue to sell the Ram 1500 Classic alongside the current model. That being said, the current Challenger will be 15 years old at that point, which makes one wonder why they might keep it going.

For whatever reason they may have, we soon might get to choose between two Dodge Challengers on the dealer lot: one that’s familiar, and one brand new.

Written by Lucas Bell

Lucas holds a journalism degree from Wayne State University, and is a Automotive Press Association scholarship recipient. While an American muscle fan through and through, he once wrote a fascinating comparison review about eScooters.


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  1. I know it’s probably impossible to answer question with Covid 19. My local Dodge dealership sent me window sticker of loaded Scat Pack pitch black new. I verbally agreed it was coming from Illinois to Wisconsin. Supposed to be here Thursday. They texted me Wednesday it’s not available anymore and manager will call me to build a new one. I don’t want to commit if it’s never going to come. Obviously the Illinois dealership sold it there.

  2. LOL! So many rumors, so many delays. Talk of a Cuda, etc. Get the new car out already. Tired of these sticker/etc pkgs. The damn car needs to lose weight, dimensions would be nice at 9/10’s of the current cars size. The current platform is a Brontosaurus.

    • That’s EXACTLY what makes it the last real muscle car. And, is also why it keep selling so well. If it’s to big for you, then go buy a Camaro or a Mustang and call it a day. Do it quick, because the Camaro is going bye-by after 2023 and the Next-Gen Mustang will be the same size as the current Challenger. Guess bigger is better when it comes to muscle cars?

    • The current dimensions are nearly identical to the original 1970. Obviously, larger front and rear bumpers are necessary for safety regulations. The added safety equipment contributes substantially to the weight gain.

    • If you want a ponycar or a sports car , get one. Thats not what Challenger is. Challenger is a big roomy, powerful musclecar.

  3. Actually a genius move. Build them both and see which one sells best for one year. Make necessary changes and move forward. Bottom line is that he Challenger is beautiful, a work of retro art ! We all hope that whatever follows it is as beautifully done.

  4. I’ll preface my comments by stipulating that I once owned a *REAL* Dodge Challenger — a 1970 R/T coupe in B5 Blue with the 440 SixPack motor, 4sp tranny, and Dana 60 posi axle featuring 3.91 gears.

    The revived Challenger has always (to me) looked fat and bloated, and the monochrome exterior is as soulless as an incumbent politician begging for campaign handouts from well-to-do constituents.

    The original pony-car concept was a lean, trim platform — attractive styling with bright coachwork to highlight the vehicle’s lines. It takes more than sheer horsepower and goofy gimmicks to sell m

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