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But Unsurprisingly, It’s Most Popular In California

Tesla Cybertruck Deliveries Production
Image via Tesla

Americans love their pickup trucks. Representative of wealth as well as grit, trucks like the Ford F-150 are some of the best selling vehicles in the United States year after year. However, according to everyone’s most loathed Martian, the global collective of automakers have been doing it all wrong during their combined centuries worth of manufacturing. And thus with the ferocity of a steel ball smashing glass, Lord Elon “reinvented” the pickup truck by way of the Tesla Cybertruck. Tesla’s latest electric vehicle has garnered plenty of attention and customer interest, but who are the people that are actually buying them?

Technically speaking, nobody has really bought a Cybertruck yet. In reality folks have placed refundable $100 deposits for the truck on Tesla’s website. Tesla has stopped reporting on their reservation numbers at this point, but Elon did say that Tesla received 250,000 reservations during the week following the Cybertruck’s precarious launch event. Tesla is no stranger to receiving this type of cash injection however, as the company took $50,000 deposits on for build spots of their Roadster model following its public unveil. That car has yet to come to market, despite the claims that it would arrive as a 2020 model year vehicle.

Tesla Cybertruck. Image Courtesy of Tesla Motors.

Thanks to a loyal group of 1,400 Tesla enthusiasts and, we have a bit of crowdsourced data that tells us where people have been ordering the Tesla Cybertruck. The top ten states in terms of pre-orders are as follows:

Top 10 States for Cybertruck Pre-Orders:
1. California (12.9%)
2. Texas (6.3%)
3. Florida (5.43%)
4. Washington (4.13%)
5. Arizona (3.84%)
6. Colorado (3.26%)
7. New York (2.68%)
8. North Carolina (2.32%)
9. Georgia (2.17%)
10. Virginia (2.03%)

A quick look at the list of states tells a pretty predictable story, with California being far and away the leader in orders. A deeper dive into the information shows that only 17 percent of reservation holders have ordered the single motor variant of the Cybertruck, which represents the base model with an MSRP of $40,000, and is also the one that’s been delayed. The $50,000 dual-motor and $69,900 tri-motor setups are about equally popular, with slightly more buyers opting for the mid-ranged product.

To our surprise, Illinois didn’t make the top 10 cut, despite the Chicago market. At the same time, Texas, where traditional trucks and SUVs reign supreme, is the number two state. We also figured Colorado would be a little higher, no pun intended.

With so many electric trucks coming to the market in the near future, such as the GMC Hummer and the Rivian R1T, only time will tell if truck buyers will really purchase a vehicle that looks like the result of a Delorean spending the night with a KitchenAid refrigerator.

Written by Lucas Bell

Lucas holds a journalism degree from Wayne State University, and is a Automotive Press Association scholarship recipient. While an American muscle fan through and through, he once wrote a fascinating comparison review about eScooters.

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