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The Events Are Free For Qualifying Bronco And Bronco Sport Owners

2021 Ford Bronco 2-Door 4-Door Sport

Before the Ford Bronco was finally revealed this summer, Ford announced a series of off-road instruction and adventure experiences called “Off-Roadeos.” They are designed for Bronco owners to get out and experience the capability of their SUV with the instruction of a professional. The events, offered to all Ford Bronco 2-Door and 4-Door owners, plus Bronco Sport Badlands and First Edition owners, have just unveiled the four Off-Roadeo locations and all their details. Here’s all you need to know.

Arguably the most recognizable off-road destination on list is Moab, Utah. Known for its Mars-like red rocks, Moab offers an incredibly diverse desert landscape. There’s sand, small rocks, enormous boulders and whole rock formations to explore. During some parts of the year, there’s even snow. Being such a popular destination, there are almost endless trails to explore during the Off-Roadeo.

Keeping in the same general location is Nevada. Here, the landscape is less rocky and more desert, allowing customers to check out the Baja potential of their Ford Bronco. Plus, much of the exciting terrain isn’t far from Vegas, making this location a great option for owners wanting to bundle a whole vacation in the mix.

The southernmost location is the Texas Off-Roadeo, which was announced back in August. It’s set an hour outside of Austin, and will feature trails that take advantage of the many riverbeds, creeks and otherwise gnarly terrain found in Texas. Being less of a desert than Nevada and Utah, it bridges the gap between in terms of location and terrain to the next location on the east side of the country.

That’s Vermont, the only location that features forests. Ford says Vermont has over 9,000 miles of dirt roads Bronco owners can explore, and Off-Roadeo attendees will first learn skills on private trails before heading out to more difficult terrain. This will feature Vermont’s Class 4 dirt roads, which are rated at, “passable but not maintained.” They feature the rocks, mud and hills in the forests Vermont is known for.

2021 Ford Bronco Sport Badlands First Ride Review
Photo via Ford

This leaves next year’s Off-Roadeo events notably void of events in the Midwest and Great Lakes areas, although Ford does have a massive “BRONCO” sign at Michigan’s Holly Oaks ORV Park currently.

These events are designed to teach Ford Bronco and Bronco Sport owners about the capabilities of their vehicles, so they can get out and see the incredible natural scenery the United States has to offer on their own with confidence. As a formality, Bronco owners aren’t able to use their own vehicles at the event, so flying or driving to one of the locations for anyone around the country is likely expected.

Finally, these events are actually free for all Ford Bronco and Bronco Sport Badlands or First Edition owners. All they need to pay for is transportation to and from the event and lodging. Registration for the Bronco Off-Roadeo events opens early 2021.

Not to lose ground to Ford, Jeep announced a similar Adventure Academy. The inaugural off-road driving school toured across the country in October, visiting local Holly Oaks, Southern Missouri Off-Road Ranch, and Hollister Hills in California.

2021 Ford Bronco 4-Door Base
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