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The Exterior, Interior, And Even Things Like A Bed Step And Electronic Shifter Came From Customer Input

P703 Next-Generation Next-Gen Ford Ranger P703 2023 Design
Image via Ford Motor Company

The next-generation Ford Ranger designwas built with customers in mind, from the exterior to the interior. Deep customer insight resulted in what we see today in the all-new truck, and it seems there was quite a bit of work done long before the first sketches were made so that Ford understood precisely what customers wanted out of their midsize pickup trucks. Neatly, no matter where the customer was from, all of them seemed to have a uniform idea of what the Ford Ranger means to them, and what it should look like.

Chief designer for the global next-generation Ford Ranger, Max Tran, and his team spent hundreds of hours with customers worldwide to see how they use their pickups daily. In addition, Ford conducted over 5,000 interviews and made more than 1,800 pages of field notes for reference, which was used to help guide both engineers and designers to build the new Ford Ranger.

After conducting extensive customer research, the team began sketching the initial designs for the pickup. The surface treatments, C-clamp headlights, horizontal upper grille bar, pronounced wheel arches, and strong shoulder line resulted in a truck that conveys confidence and capability.

Image via Ford
Image via Ford

Interior Design For The Next-Generation Ford Ranger

On the inside of the next-generation Ford Ranger came a stylish new cockpit which is meant to establish strong visual harmony with the durable and robust exterior. Soft-touch materials elevate the interior ambiance, while the instrument panel creates a more spacious feel for the cabin. The air vent vanes feature a similar design to the front grille, and several exterior surface treatments have been adapted for interior use. The dash is dominated by either a 10.1-inch or 12-inch high-resolution touchscreen, which was placed in a portrait orientation due to customer preference.

P703 Ford Ranger 2023 Next-Gen NextGen eShifter Shifter
Image via Ford

Ford had initially created a rotary dial gear selector for the P703 Ford Ranger. However, customers stated that they preferred the short-throw e-shifter because it boosted the truck’s tech appeal. Meanwhile, the door release handles were integrated into the dashboard design to make them easier to use. In addition, customers stated that mounting them lower would make it easier to reach window switches and the armrest.

This same tactic used by the P703 Ford Ranger design team was also employed when developing the Bronco and new F-150 Lightning, and it certainly works; Ford sells more vehicles, and customers get what they want. Everybody wins.

New Ford Ranger Sport Design
Image via Ford

Written by Zac Quinn

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